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In my beginnings, rather late in the photographic world, my objectives were directed towards urban motifs (a constant in my works) in which the concept of geometry becomes an essential element within my compositions.

Sometimes I find support in the snapshot, which has embraced me since the beginning in many projects, most of them related to the celebration of Easter in León.

Through this technique and with time I have found the perfect language to be able to express myself. I feel comfortable in this frenetic, uncertain and chaotic environment, where the final shot takes place, where the “what” can even prevail over the “how”.

In 1998 I became part of the FOCUS collective, making contact and enriching myself with different points of view and photographic styles. I participated in all kinds of photographic projects, highlighting countless collective exhibitions and the publication of two books: “Cuando el tiempo se para” (“When time stops”) and “30 “.

On June 30th 2002 I inaugurated “DESENFOQUES” in Ponferrada, my first individual exhibition. It was followed by “GRAFFIRETRATOS”, which through the social work of the then Caja España, visited several locations in Castilla y León between 2008 and 2009. Finally, “POR LA CARA”, my last individual exhibition, was inaugurated in La Casona of the Carriegos de León Foundation in 2011.

Posters, editorial collaborations, etc., gave way to the publication of my first book “GENTE CORRIENTE… Y OTRAS ESPECIES”, in which the last two exhibitions converge and which was completed with the extraordinary literary content of the poetess Nuria Antón and the surprising edition and layout carried out by La Central.

As a continuation of this book, the work that I present here unfolds. This project aims to share with the viewer the mostly urban world that surrounds me. And all this through those who, even for an instant, have been the real protagonists, those we define as ordinary people, but thanks to whom and for a few seconds, I have been able to feel like a privileged spectator of moments that will never be repeated.