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“Art lies in the ordinary”. I don’t remember in what context I heard this opinion or where it was that I read it, but it seemed to me to be one of those phrases that can be useful if they fit into a conversation at the right time. The truth is that reviewing the works of Doisneau, Catalá-Roca, Eugene Smith and Cristina García Rodero in their hidden Spain, I noticed that it had senses and meanings that could be suggested to an informed viewer.

Today, the trigger that activates our capacity for surprise and emotion is complex to identify due, among other things, to the flood of stimuli and data that we receive through print and audiovisual media, the Internet, social networks, etc.

As far as I’m concerned, the environment in which I live my daily life generates scenes and situations that, by themselves, capture my attention and contain enough strength and beauty to arouse my curiosity. They are scenes composed by environments that are familiar to me and by their people, those that we place under the umbrella of ordinary people, who are also familiar and close to me. Scenes in which I can find powerful images, full of life and rich in content. Unique situations, ephemeral, chaotic, comical, magical, stupid and all kinds of adjectives you can imagine. Scenes and situations that convey all kinds of sensations and even manage to surprise me.

If I adjust my visual wavelength, I can glimpse other types of characters, let’s say pseudo-humans, those who for me constitute the other species that interact, I don’t know if voluntarily or involuntarily, with those of flesh and blood. Beings of other species that watch over us, protect us or simply accompany us in our routine.

It is not only privileged minds and prominent figures that move our society forward. So do capable arms. This dynamic of advancement is not only due to peculiar, original, convex or divergent characters, discontinued and left behind, overloaded, transverse, avant-garde, glamorous and tattooed, but also to those who go through life without apparently attracting any attention, but who, in equal measure, are the architects of the future of our world and our common history.

Through the following images, captured in my environment by means of flashes that freeze moments of my daily reality, I will try to show you some of the senses and the multiple meanings of the world in which I live, the one that surrounds me, the one that – as I have already mentioned – is capable of surprising and moving me.